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Gunsmith specialist for roller-locking weapons and silencers

Own production    


Repair and maintenance of military and police 

             weapons stocks of the type


HK G3  ●  HK 33  ●  HK 21  ●  MP 5  ●  MG 3  (or similar clones!)            


Who we are: experienced engineers, focussed on roller-locking based weapons, possessing all necessary documents and permits


What we offer: maintenance and service for your roller-locking weapon-systems as noted above.


How we operate: We come to your place (worldwide), we check your equipment detailed, we take care for the necessary spare parts,

we do the repair and service in your facilities. If you like, we could pass a bit of our knowledge as well to your technicians.


Who we want to serve: official departments, police, military, security companies


Basically interested? Than please contact us for further informations at:


Please note, that don´t offer any support for other weapon-systems.


We´re looking forward to answer your questions.

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That technical service is not offer for government / security forces or other interested in germany.

NEW:  to production catalog Download: English_catalog_version.pdf



Our own products:                                                                                                                       

Semiautomatic rifle BG308 DMR, Cal .308 Win                     







Semiautomatic rifle BG308 Standard, Cal .308 Win

Semiautomatic rifle BG308 Hunter, Cal .308 Win


DMR and HUNTER (Hunter) comes includes with EAW scope mount feets


New: Fluted barrels for your personal desire civil G3 clone as accessories feasible:








 G3 DMR System Blued Guns,

more information→ G3 DMR 7.62 System Blued Guns



Projection through innovation = BLUED GUNS Germany


For the discerning customer, our individual weapons refinement, luxury FK series:







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